Do you have a web site or blog that is to do with walking or the great outdoors, then why don't you become an affiliate of walk guides and earn money through the sales of guides that you refer to us?

How it works.

Click to join the affiliates program where you will be asked to register. When you join, you will be presented with some code that you should add to the pages on your web site which sets up a link to the walkguides web site. When a visitor to your web site clicks on any of these links and then purchases a guide, we will credit you with 10% of the sale price for that guide.

Where do I get the links and image files to put on my site?

When you register as an affiliate, you can choose from one of three walk guides image files, or you can use a text link only if you prefer.

Can I display the guide book cover images to use as links to your site?

Yes you can, if you wish to display the guide covers instead, then you can get them from here, (Right click on the image that you want and save them to your local PC for uploading to your web site). Remember to link the images using your unique affililiate code that you will get when you register.

What is the commission structure and how am I paid?

You will earn 10% of the selling price of walking guide. Payments will be made through Paypal which means you must have a Paypal account. Payment is made after every £10 of commission is earned, and future payments will be in £10 deposits to you account.






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